Chicago Bone Company

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The Dog Deli Concept


Located in Chicago since 2013, Chicago Bone Company has introduced a new concept to the raw feeding diet.  We prepare all of our raw foods and dog treats in house with the freshest human grade ingredients available. Our raw dog food blends are still made in small batches to order for you so the food is as fresh as it could possibly be at a price significantly lower than our competition. If your dog had the ability to choose where it would shop for food, Chicago Bone Company is the place that would be.


p.s.  Our shop is currently undergoing a renovation but will remain open until Feb, 2016.  Please excuse our dust.





Around six months after adopting a large breed dog named Arya, our founder was introduced to the Raw Diet for Pets.  After EXPERIENCING abnormal health issues with a dog for the first time, he learned of the raw diet, researched the science behind it as well as the different foods available and decided to give it a try.  A few weeks after introducing the diet his dog had transformed.  The positive changes were very evident and he was convinced that there COULDN'T be anything better for his pet to eat than what they would in the natural world.  There were some issues with the diet though that didn't take long to notice.  First of all, raw food from pet stores is not cheap, especially if you have an active, larger dog.  Raw feeding also proved to be a little more difficult to deal with than the traditional method of scooping some kibble from a bag into a bowl.  The food needs to be frozen, then defrosted before feeding each individual meal.  It didnt take long for our founder to feel that there had to be a better way.  After spending time raw feeding at home with the help of the grocery Store, our founder envisioned a Raw feeding focused Deli For Dogs where the food is made in the shop with local fresh ingredients.  Chicago Bone Company was born.  Our goal is to provide the highest quality Raw Dog Food to our customers at an affordable price that is easy too handle and feed and can be delivered to thier door.